Jul 11, 2013


This is my first entry in English. I'm really weak in this language. We need to attend English Support Programmed (ELSP) under USIM's programmed for one week, and the other week for Arabic language. While the others enjoyed their holiday, we need to wake up in the early morning and go to the class. huhuhuhu.. at first, I don't understand what so important to learn this language. I called it 'bahasa penjajah!'.. It was so annoying.. My tongue become terbelit2 and I was bag of nerves every time miss ask to speak in english. Huwaaa=(

Today's story! We need to discuss some topic in a group. Like MUET test speaking.. kuang2.. I've been chosen with 3 of my friends to sit in front of the other members. Unfortunately, I'm just listen without a single word.. What a shamful lol!!

Jantung wa cam nak terkeluaq da. Tak taula nape nervous sangat.. waduh2, bikin malu sama orang kampung...kikikiki...

But, after read someone's blog, with a lot of sharing about his moment with a few international organization and NGO, doing some volunteer activities and demonstrative for human rights.. I started changed my mind.. I need to learn English language.. so that I also can do the same thing.. Sharing with the others country's culture, what are they sacrifices for..and what can I give or help them.. 

I will continue study this language and will not give! Yeaayy!! Dare to fail!! Tak kisah la orang nak kata pe pun.. MUET wa kena capai band 3, kalo tak..xleh grad..hihi.. But! But! But! learn English not only for MUET ya! Islam encourage us to learn different language as much as we can so that kite tak diperbodohkan oleh orang lain.

Lastly, I'm very very very sure that there are many broken english and wrong grammar... So, please look after me.. haha betol ke tidok ayat nih... Sekian, wait for ARABIC plak yo, 6t wa terjemah je entry ni dalam bhs arab..kikiki =)

haa... Salam Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims! May Allah bless and accept our fasts and reward us with His Forgiveness and enter us into His Jannah.. Amin!!

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